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Je m'appelle Marco PAONESSA

Marco PAONESSA, je suis Life coach certifié et thérapeute relaxologue agréé ASCA avec une formation médicale de base.

Mais, la bonne nouvelle, avant cela j’étais de l’autre côté avant cela avec 25 ans de diverses expériences professionnelles...


My story

I worked for more than 25 years in large companies in Paris, Milan, London and New York. Large organisations have their own rules, issues and consequences, which are not taught in anatomy or psychology classes.


From production to managerial roles: stress, anger, communication and conflict are subjects that today I consider in their own right and which in a positive way fascinate me. It motivated me to study the reasons and mechanisms that lead to them and acquire the skills needed to deal with them in a more mentally balanced and physically strengthening way. From an obstacle to a turbo these elements are fascinating subjects.

Reach You Goal is an agency where we build our teams according to the missions. We can work with doctors, or nutritionists, martial art masters, musicians or former military special forces depending on the subject. The strategy is to have the right tools and the right craftsmen to achieve the goal.


It's your life, you decide.


Relaxologist therapist ASCA

Life Coach Certified RMT100

Base Medicale Anatomy / Physiology


Envoyez-nous un message ou text au +41789276141 et nous vous répondrons rapidement.

Merci pour votre envoi !

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