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Personal development in business

Organizations often have internal concerns about conflicts, feedback problems, or other biases that combine issues taking into account information and coordination. 

After 25 years in various large companies as an executive, manager or consultant in three continents, my conclusion and my experience say that these difficulties are inherent in human nature. Not to mention that the recent telework boom represents new challenges to preserve what makes a team strong!

The best way to overcome these difficulties to create a real  change is to initiate a positive process to influence the productivity of the group.

Our tools:

·     workshops

·     audits

·     constructive communication

can break a lot of brakes, lost energy. A motivation and focus shoot can change the mindset of a group.


RMT100 Certified Life Coach

For institutions

Certified Life Coach, the subject is personal development, therefore centered on what is in us: our abilities, our thought patterns and our limiting beliefs. In the context of a company, a group, our themes naturally relate to motivation, its communication between services and the focus to create real change.

The proposed interventions are carried out under different axes: training, workshop, audit. 

Above the Clouds

Time management

Time management workshop. How, with the same resources, can I do more, do better and, above all, find serenity after all of this. 
Time management is a skill in itself.
We can be very analytical, very good at communicating but not optimize anything by its time management 
Marble Surface

Stress turn into turbo

Combined with a relaxologist expertise I offer workshops on a central subject impacting our skills.
How does stress work? It is a physiological reaction that we can catalyze to make it a plus. Because the good news is that originally it is the function of stress.

Constructive communication

Is that the relations between departments, between colleagues could be improved and structured for the good of the group. On this theme we are talking about the logics of empathy in its business sense, non-violent communication and attitude. 

Motivation / Focus

It is a real subject of sociology, in a team a group, an element can trigger a change of state of mind, of attitude. The good news is that it can go both ways.
Not to mention the skills, being an outside speaker gives a lot of advantage.
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