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Losing weight

Sur la balance
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We don't offer a diet, we offer the tools to change your habits. Except in medical cases, your body is the result of many things.

We work upstream with you. To make the program that suits you. Personal development, NLP, relaxation technique, dietetics, self-hypnosis, psycho-corporal method and sport: The program will be made according to you, your profile and your choices to achieve your goal once and for all.

The goal is not to lose weight to hurt yourself. The objective is not to disturb your body but to bring it towards a certain direction in a healthy and continuous way.

No yoyo, no secret and no glitter, but listening, tools applied for you and professional support.

We have a global approach, on habits, on the level of stress, on sport and dietetics with professionals. 

The question is whether you want to take the subject seriously and sincerely.


ASCA Relaxologist Therapist

Certified RMT100 Life Coach

Medical Base Anatomy/Physiology

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In video or in Nyon and Geneva


Such. : 0789276141

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