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Good morning,

My name is Marco PAONESSA


ASCA Relaxologist

I am Marco PAONESSA: Qualified practicing relaxationologist, trained in basic medicine and ASCA approved.

Relaxation is the opposite of anything related to nervous tension. Stress, fear, anxiety, anxiety and anger... are various subjects that can be treated. From a small problem to more, the method or methods that I use combine according to need and collaboration with doctors if necessary.

Relaxologist or controlling your nervous tensions 

Achieving a state of relaxation, calm, serenity, even in tense situations is possible. To guide you and help you achieve your goals, I use various tools including:

  • breathing techniques,

  • cardiac coherence,

  • positive visualization,

  • self-hypnosis,

  • psycho-corporeal method

  • positive psychology.


Using your breath as a tool is a way to influence your nervous system and can genuinely alter your internal state and physiology. Various exercises, performed in a session or at home, can help you achieve your goals :

  • relaxation,,

  • concentration,

  • improved sleep quality

In sessions, I use biofeedback in heart rate coherence with software that assesses your heart rate variability throughout the sessions. You quickly feel a result. You will also receive techniques that can be used independently at any time.

Creative visualization

Positive visualization is a fabulous tool to enhance your performance, help you succeed in certain events (exams, public speaking...) and find deep calm. This technique is based on the concept that we can experience a situation physiologically without actually being there. If we implement positive visualization based on your situation, we can build the perfect tool for you.

Body-centered therapy

The disconnection from the body is a source of weakness and stress. Psychosomatic relaxation methods such as the Jacobson method allow you to become aware of your state, reconnect, and, through training, intentionally modify your tension to calm yourself.

You are unique. Each of my support sessions is personalized based on your physiology, sensitivity, and history to respect your individual needs. Thus, my sessions draw on one or more of these methods, or a combination of them, depending on what is most suitable for you.

Feel free to contact me for a non-committal conversation. Your well-being is the priorit


Certified Relaxation Practitioner ASCA

Anatomy/Physiology Medical Basics TCMA

Send us a message or text to +41789276141 and we will respond quickly.

Thank you !

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