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Témoin dans la salle d'audience

We can face situations that are out of the ordinary, and the stress generated is normal and even common sense. Your body alerts you that you are going to face a situation for which you are not prepared in different ways.


And just like a mountaineer who is going to face Everest, it makes good sense to prepare, equip and train with a qualified team.


Depending on our life experience, our personality, our education, etc. The preparation and the tools are not the same. It is necessary to be listened to by a competent person on this type of subject.


The extraordinary events of life are from the happiest to the saddest and obviously the process is not the same. So we are talking about examination, speaking out and in difficult contexts like a trial, grieving and conflict management. They are all different with different processes but they are all events for which we are not prepared and require a lot of resources and clarity.


Relaxologist practitioner certified Plus-santé

Anatomy / Physiology Medical Bases TCMA

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Manage an event that is out of the ordinary

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