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Stress management: How we deal with it in our office in Nyon.


Why is stress management becoming an increasingly important topic? We live, however, in a region of the world which knows neither war nor famine. Oh no ! We are not looking for new problems, we are just in an environment, which is certainly very privileged compared to other places in the world, but increasingly unsuitable for our body and our spirit. We are bathed in a huge flow of information, more or less anxiety-provoking. Less and less human relationships with others (WhatsApp, smiley, videoconference…) And all this combined with a lot of fears: Fear of being alone, of not being loved, of being unemployed, without resources… Stress management has always been present in my life. And over time, managing stress has become my job. Today in my office in Nyon, Switzerland, I receive patients and clients on this subject.

For our quality of life and our health, our stress must be managed

We are born under stress and the first breath is not a moment of relaxation for anyone. Then for some, we have a slightly more complex relationship with stress over time, we complain about it when it is there, but we want more or less of it and we try to understand it. I worked in large companies for 20 years on three continents, stress has always been there with its positive impacts, but also, and unfortunately, its negative impacts. As a team leader: I became curious about the mechanisms of stress and its consequences on our emotions, our thoughts and our bodies. A certain level, stress, allows us to have temporarily increased physiological capacities allowing us to develop: alertness, strength, endurance and increased thinking. So stress enables us, and enabled our ancestors, to survive in dangerous situations. But if the stress is continuous or/and too intense, this turbo will have a destructive role on your tissues and your mind. In short, the super power turns into a handicap. Your superpower is backfiring. So yes, you have to manage it, frame it and catalyze it.

5 tools for good daily stress management :

1. The more relaxed I am when things are going well, the less stressed I am when things are going badly.

This may sound simplistic, but that's the basics. The more relaxed you are when things are going well, the better you will react to stress when stressful stimulants cross your path. It's like your car's tachometer. If you are already in the red when you get up in the morning, it is undeniable that there will be excess stress at the first stressful event. This is a common situation with the military. The soldier stressed before the fight will tend to be in a more than difficult situation during the fight. Stress management starts with trying to be as stress free as possible when things are going well. So yes, carpe diem, know how to fully enjoy your good times, whether in nature, with friends or family or even during your leisure time. In addition, try to detect everyday toxic elements, even the most subtle ones, and remove them if possible. Knowledge, toxic habits take stock. Also started a good happiness manager strategy. Many hobbies can pass for de-stressing, but on the contrary: TV series, fatty foods, sweets... Do not be mistaken with the so-called: have fun.

2. Your food and drink

Managing stress also means knowing how to put the right things in your body so that it functions properly. When you eat too much, how do you feel... We can call it a number of different ways that can be likened to the principle of stress. It is said simply, but it is as simple as that. We can talk about the biotope, the second brain, the intestine, etc. We remind you that cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death. The day of the year when there are the most heart attacks is December 25, the second day is December 26 and then you guessed it the third is January 1... So the confusion between pleasure for the taste buds and real pleasure for the body has never been so obvious. We know it more or less and we may have difficulty taking action. It's not that simple and these are subjects that we deal with in our office in Nyon or in video as part of life coaching on the subject of changing your habits.

3. Your sleep

Sleeping is an essential function for our nervous state. When we sleep, our body performs different operations of rebuilding and cleansing the body. To be able to have stress managed, do what it takes to sleep well. The following link will take you to our post on the subject of sleep.

4. Your relaxation tools

As an ASCA certified relaxologist therapist, I will be brief, we are equipped with tools to regulate our nervous state. Breathing with different techniques such as cardiac coherence, meditative cardiac coherence, positive visualization, self-hypnosis and psycho-corporal techniques leads us to very good results. Managing stress starts with using your body correctly and using some of its tools. Which used, alone, in combination? It is according to your profile and your difficulties that we evaluate and propose the program that suits you.

5. Our mind map

Certified life coach, this second hat helps me on a daily basis with my clients. Let's put things in the right place. Our social environment, our values ​​and our needs have set up a particular mental map in our mind. Which leads you, perhaps, to over-react on certain subjects. Life coach in Nyon we deal with these subjects. If you have questions about what we consider to be a life coach, I let you read this blog post dedicated to this subject.


Managing stress means wanting to lead the life we ​​really want to lead, removing this useless fog that spoils the beauty of the landscape. Stress is necessary, even vital, but too much of it is detrimental to one's quality of life, it is forcing oneself to make bad choices, developing a bad state of mind towards oneself and towards - screw others. But we can choose to make investments in his life. And why not invest in yourself and your management of your emotions to do better, live better and feel better about the things in life.

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