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What is life coaching ? My vision...

Updated: Feb 10, 2022

The equation is simple: two people, a subject, an objective, skills and benevolence.

Life coaching is personal development. Your goal is a desire for change, improvement or transformation. We focus on the development of the self: of what is inside of us. And all this to put in the best possible place: one's cognitive abilities, one's talents, one's thought patterns and his vision of things to live the life that we really want to lead in a coherent and sincere way. The approach is focused on the solution, and even if it is necessary to deal with the root of the obstacle to gain understanding, the dynamic is result-oriented. For those who want to invest in themselves, life coaching will help you see the potential within you and achieve your goals with much less effort.

Climbing Everest is not done alone. Some choose to be accompanied by a professional.

Let's make an analogy: if you want to climb a mountain you will have to train, equip yourself and develop technical and physical skills. You either decide to go unprepared... Or you consider getting help of a professional, a Sherpa, to increase the probability of your success. A life coach with a listening ear, a sense of coherent analysis of your situation and the talent to create a plan that will allow you to succeed will offer you tools to implement.

The subjects covered are centered on one's cognitive abilities, the organization of one's life and one's relationships with others. Yes, stay connected with you and your way.

The life coach can help you understand the elements that hinder your success in different areas: I work with clients who are looking to change a bad habit, manage stress, or deal with bereavement or separation. I also help people speak in public, communicate constructively and manage conflict. I focus on topics related to your organisation, such as time management and finding meaning in your priorities. Regarding the obstacle, it can be a trauma, a crisis, an addiction, or simply an action that you want to accomplish.

What are the references of life coaching?

The methods of Life Coaching are based on different tools and writings to support its practice, adapted to each individual. It comes under neuroscience, NLP, positive visualization with which I have very good results or other areas of the humanities. References according to this angle of approach can be found in Carl Rogers, Milton Erickson, Abraham Maslow, Marshall B Rosenberg etc… This list is by no means exhaustive, but these are some of my main coaching principles.

Talking about personal development at work?

In large organisations, employees may encounter communication and organisational problems that can slow down production. Personal development in the company puts the employee in the best possible situation, so that their skills, abilities and talents produce better results for the group. The topics covered are constructive communication, motivation, feedback and creativity management (even on an Excel sheet…). We have all experienced frustration, confusion and other difficulties between departments. With hindsight of several months, what are the conclusions? Constructive and empathetic communication with a structured feedback process means: time savings, fewer missed opportunities and more completed projects. This does not mean that one's should not answer in the negative or not dismiss when there is a need, but an effort of communication, conflict management and organisational audit (including the teleworking part) could not change a lot of things?

The life coach and their limits. he/she is not a doctor, a specialist in everything, a friend, and neither omniscient. It must have a theoretical and ethical basis.

Life coaches treat clients who need balance, but they cannot substitute for medical professionals when suffering or imbalance reaches a certain level. Beyond that, life coaching can be integrated into a system directed by conventional medicine, coaching being a complementary service. Theoretically, the best life coaches have a lot of experience; it's always in your best interest to work with someone who has covered a topic many times. But even if the coach is an expert, he does not give advice, point of view or spirituality; on the contrary, it helps people realize the potential they have within. Let's go back to our sherpa, he is there to give the tools to apprehend a cliff. What are the elements to decide to take one way or another, they give you the decision tools. The life coach is not there to tell you to leave your husband or file your resignation tomorrow morning. Third, the certification of a recognized training is a guarantee of value. Afterwards, let's not go overboard, we can be very professional and competent, the certifications, whatever the profession, are mainly used... by their owner. The question we can ask ourselves is: what are the theoretical bases of this coach, what are his references. But here again the quality of the service does not depend on the application of a recipe, of a library, each situation is unique just like each person. The best guarantee is the reputation gained from former customers. A good life coach is a coach who will take you from where you are to where you want to be. The dynamic must be clear: listen, ask the right questions, lay the foundations, propose a plan. there are real kinetics to follow together to finally be autonomous. This is why I always want a non-committal conversation to have a clear exchange before embarking on a path that we cannot think will be fruitful from the start. Because the only goal is to achieve your goal.

Marco PAONESSA RMT100 Certified Life Coach Relaxologist practitioner

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