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Sad on Couch

Professional burnout has now reached a critical level, and all trades are affected.

While most see work as a necessary evil, you really love your job. You like to learn new things and meet new people: you feel fulfilled while working and you feel useful to the community. Yet lately, you've felt at the end of your rope, and as if overwhelmed by a situation that you couldn't control.

Maybe you get along well with your co-workers, but one particular person is making your life miserable in the office. Or maybe all of your colleagues are great, but the atmosphere is toxic, or the workload is too heavy. If you're dealing with burnout, maybe you've concluded that you no longer love your job and need to change paths.

It's easy to get burned out. It is more difficult to know when to ring the alarm bell to get out of this infernal circle.

In a world where relationships with others and our relationships with technology are disrupted,

ill-being and suffering are reaching unprecedented levels. Our physiology, the result of a slow evolution over thousands of years, is built to adapt over time. However, the changes in our lifestyles over the past five years are unprecedented and have taken place at lightning speed.


If you've been feeling bad lately, it may be because the human body isn't designed to go through so many changes in such a short time: if you're forced to take on too many new challenges at once, your mind and body can be overwhelmed.

Under these circumstances, it is not surprising that things are not going well.  How to get out of the tunnel,  and leave the ill-being to find balance and joy of living?

I accompany you through my tools and method to regain well-being. Contact me for a non-binding conversation.

Marco PAO

Plus-santé Certified Practitioner Relaxologist

Anatomy/Physiology Medical basics TCMA

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Burn-out, brown-out or bore-out?

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