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Life coach

RMT100 certified life coach, I offer sessions alone or in groups. You deserve to live the life you truly want to live. From there, it is normal to want to invest in yourself. Indeed, life coaching is the desire to improve, change or transform.


Life coaching is personal development. The objective is a desire for change, improvement or transformation. We focus on self-development: what is inside of us. And all this to put in the best possible place: one's cognitive abilities, one's talents, one's thought patterns and one's vision of things to live the life that we really want to lead in a coherent and frank manner. The approach is focused on the solution, and even if it is necessary to address the root of the obstacle to gain understanding, the dynamic is result-oriented. For those who want to invest in themselves, life coaching will help you see the potential within you and achieve your goals with much less effort.



We all come with our strengths, our faults, our history and our differences. And we have to face situations and we also want to surpass ourselves. Your choice may be to have external help to better equip you, to equip you to ultimately have better assets for a better life.

Life coach, I consider that it is above all the ability to listen, ask the right questions and set a plan. There is a method, tools and kinetics in a caring and professional framework.

Do not hesitate to contact me for a no-obligation conversation, just to provide clarity and suggest ways to move forward.


RMT100 certified life coach

Climbing Everest is not done alone.

Some choose to be accompanied by a professional.



Topics covered at the office

Mental preparation

To achieve a goal, whether it's professional, sports-related, or artistic, various methods can be employed. Cognitive training and well-sequenced phases of preparation can make a significant difference.

Clarity of objectives

Am I aligned with my priorities, the meaning I want to give to my life?

Which path should I follow? I need to clarify my needs, intentions, and journey. Ask me for a clarity session to discuss it with no obligation.

Losing weight

Get out of bad habits

Could I improve my life by eliminating a toxic habit? Is it possible? What efforts are required to rid myself of harmful tendencies that poison my existence?

By changing a few habits, you can live a healthier and happier life. The key to this is having a plan. I guide you in your journey. Let's talk about it.

You thought the only way to lose weight was through diet or exercise... Think again: it's also a matter of mindset, and unless there's an exception, the mind is the most powerful tool to work on your weight.

Be young

These days, young people and teenagers are experiencing a challenging situation and facing challenges that we have never encountered before. We must take these issues seriously: Taking action can make all the difference and positively impact both academic performance and family relationships.

Rusty Old Truck

Don't give up on my plans

Ce sont des moments difficiles de la vie auxquels nous ne sommes pas préparés. Il n'y a pas de formule magique, mais accompagné permet de mieux le vivre. 

Time management

I want more time for myself and my loved ones. How should I organize myself? Imagine having more time for yourself, to do what you want to do, and, most importantly, to do it better.

Bougie commémorative

Separation, mourning

These are challenging moments in life for which we are not prepared. There is no magic formula, but being accompanied helps to navigate them more effectively.

Send us a message or text at +41789276141, and we will respond to you promptly.

Thank you !

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